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News & Events

4/21/16: Mexico Proposes Raising Limit on Decriminalized Pot

4/12/16: Washington State Marijuana Testing Lab Could Lose Its License

1/5/16: Arizona Requires No Pesticide Testing for Cannabis, Despite Recall in Colorado

12/21/15: Pot Business May Be Legal, But Newspapers Can’t Run Ads, Says USPS.

11/20/15: Business is Booming at Harvard of Pot in California

11/4/15: Sanders Offers Bill to Legalize Marijuana

10/8/15: Pot Battle Gears Back Up in California.

PLEASE NOTE:  Delta Verde Laboratory will be closed Monday & Tuesday, 9/14 & 9/15, so that we can meet with our out-of-state colleagues.  Testing of samples left on Friday, 9/11, will not be completed until the following Wednesday. We apologize for any inconvenience.

8/19/15:                 “Delta Verde Laboratory is pleased to announce that our application for membership in the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories has been accepted.  As with all new members, we will be classed as probationary members until we successfully complete the next ring test, which will take place sometime in January or February.  We look forward to the opportunities that membership will afford us – extending and  strengthening our relationships within the medical cannabis community, confirming the validity of our testing methods, and enhancing the public’s perception of the professionalism of our business.”

7/6/15: Could this be the Super Crop that Saves Us?

6/23/15: Medical Marijuana: Good Evidence for Some Diseases, Weak for Others

6/13/15: San Francisco to Hold Medical Marijuana Food Fair

4/24/15: Marijuana Price Wars:  Colorado Pot Prices Expected to Fall Fast

4/21/15:  21 Health Benefits of Marijuana 4/19/15  Obama Voices Support for Medical Marijuana

4/8/15:  Bob Marley-branded Weed is Helping Startups

4/3/15:  These 8 States Are Likely Next for Marijuana Legalization

4/1/15:  Colorado Faces Millions in Pot Tax Refunds

3/24/15:  Quality-Testing Marijuana: Strong but not always Clean

3/21/15:  High Tech Cannabis Horticulture Industry Budding

3/10/15:  Major Pot Reform Bill Introduced in Senate

2/26/15:  DC Votes to Legalize Marijuana

2/25/15  Kosher Pot May Be Coming Soon

2/24/15  Marijuana Way Safer than Alcohol

2/18/15  How Marijuana Gives You the Munchies

2/1/15  Some Tribes See Business Opportunity in Medical Marijuana

1/28/15  SEC Allows Marijuana Business to Register Stock

10/5/13 Medical Marijuana in Israel

1/2/15  Legal Weed States Have Lessons to Share UPCOMING EVENT  2/7 – 2/8/14:  Cannabis Cup in SoCal

12/28/14  Pot Pie – Chefs Experiment with Cannabis

12/22/14  New Law Could Affect Criminal Sentences in Marijuana Cases

12/16/14  Congress Quietly Votes to End Ban on Medical Marijuana

12/11/14  US Won’t Stop Native Americans from Growing Pot

11/28/14  Marijuana Researcher Sue Sisley in line for $2M Colorado Grant Washington Holds First Marijuana Auction

Alaska, Oregon, and DC Approve Pot Legislation.

Marijuana Ballot Initiatives, 2014 New York Relaxes Pot Law Is Cannabis Lab Testing a Scam?

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